About - the photographers

About the Photographers

Ernie Flowers

Ernie Flowers comes from the coast of North Carolina, where he developed his love of photography and, while in college, sold his first photo to "Wildlife in North Carolina" magazine. He has lived in Seattle for 25 years and maintains an affinity for black-and-white film photography.

Ernie still uses his original Nikkormat and a medium-format Mamiya. He especially enjoys experimenting in his darkroom with different papers, printing techniques, and toning.

Kevin G. Imper

Kevin Imper, a Seattle-area resident, specializes in black-and-white photography. Working with light, line, textures, and forms in both the natural and constructed world, his work often features both whimsical and sinister elements that draw the viewer into an alternate vision of reality.


Jim Coley

Jim Coley's unique street photographs capture the humanity and the pride of the dispossessed.

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